Allostatic load? What’s That?

How many times a day do you wonder is a product or food or activity is good or bad for you. A landslide of questions can follow even mundane dietary things. Drink coffee because it contains antioxidants. Don’t drink coffee; you’ll ruin your adrenals.
Do a spin class; it’s great for cardio vascular fitness. Don’t do a spinning; it’s hard on the knees, and on and on. Only a few years back the Atkins diet was all the rage and now some folks are telling us that to consume that much protein can change the body’s Ph so much as to create the conditions for acidosis.

With all this confusion spinning around our heads how is it possible to make a rational and informed decision in regard to our own health and wellness programs?
Simply the perception of feeling ‘stressed’ can add to our body’s stress load known
as our ‘allostatic load’, or daily wear and tear on the body.

This perceived stress can issue from three primary sources: physical, dietary, and
emotional. This last is the most subjective as what is considered ‘stressful’ is determined by the belief systems of an individual. We are all susceptible to fluctuations of our personal allostatic load daily. The greater the allostatic load, the faster oxidative damage causes tissues and processes to breakdown within the body.
Having aid that deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy is a easy and fantastic way to markedly reduce your allostatic burden on the nine systems of your body yielding a much more pleasant experience within our own skins.