Benefits of Massage Therapy-Part 1

The body’s limbic system sits deep within the brain. It is what assigns meaning to incoming stimuli then just as fast creates a motor response to that stimuli. “See a bear, run like crazy”. “Delicious food, eat it now.” What is really meant by ‘motor response’ is neurotransmitters are released that precipitates an action. This can put our bodies into a sympathetic (fight or flight) like traffic or taxes, or parasympathetic (rest and repair) physiologic state, as from a long relaxing neuromuscular therapy massage session. This can either stress or relax the body which and has a direct effect on the immune and endocrine systems.

Neuromuscular massage therapy works be reducing the body’s allostatic load or the wear and tear on the body from everyday living. The allostatic load is comprised of three inputs: Physical rigors, Dietary rigors, and Emotional rigors. By calming down the body’s nervous system with massage therapy it is also possible to beneficially relax the limbic and by doing so the endocrine and immune systems as well.

Neuromuscular massage therapy and well as other bodywork treatments labeled as ‘holistic’ have proven to be of great benefit to many people. Those who suffer from a list of idiopathic aliments that have confounded western medicine may find new hope and peace of mind and body from regular massage therapy sessions with a certified neuromuscular massage therapist . Low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain have been successfully treated by the practitioners of neuromuscular massage therapy world wide.

Other benefits of massage therapy are lower blood pressure. Cortisol although great when metabolizing carbohydrates can be deleterious to the entire immune system if high levels are continuously present. Massage therapy can lower the body’s cortisol levels allowing sleep to occur more naturally with out the use of drugs.

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