Cause and Effects of Pathology-My Opinion

How is it possible that the armies of well trained medical and scientific professionals worldwide and billions of dollars over the last 50 years have not yielded a solution to the Cancer question? There can only be two possible reasons. Either the global oncology community is horrendously incompetent, (which I highly doubt), or they are simply not looking in the correct places.

What if the true cause of not only Cancer and other wasting autoimmune diseases such as ALS, Dementia, and Multiple Sclerosis are discovered to have their genesis in the mental or even spiritual components of the ‘mind-body’? I am NOT saying that massage cures cancer, ALS, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis. By the time these maladies can be measured with medical tests, It’s doctor time. The body of the patience suffering from the physical presentation of any illness has been compromised via Physical rigors, Dietary rigors, and/or Emotional rigors. What does that mean?

Example: Have you heard stories of active people with excellent diets dropping dead from a heart attack? How about stories of the spontaneous remission from a life threatening disease after seeing a long lost beloved relative or receiving good news.

What are the life giving or life denying mechanisms at work in these cases? Why aren't more researchers asking these kind of questions?