Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage in Santa Monica and Los Angeles by Erik Gray

If you have tried relieving chronic pain with simple massage therapy then you know how wonderful you feel following your treatment, but then the frustration occurs only hours later when it all comes rushing back. Chronic pain can be debilitating and even depressing for those who have suffered with it for weeks, months or even years. The dysfunction on any area of the body can be a sign to visit your medical doctor to determine the presence of herniation at the level of the joint. Short of that you may want to consider neuromuscular, deep tissue and sports massage therapies as a more effective remedies than drugs alone.

I would encourage those suffering from shoulder pain and rotator cuff symptoms to consider exploring what neuromuscular, deep tissue and sports massage can do for them prior to resorting to a surgical solution. Over the last 19 years, more than half of patients I’ve treated who had been told their only option was surgery refrained from it following several neuromuscular or deep tissue massage therapy we offer here at G.A.L.A. here in Los Angeles. Many clients had suffered from shoulder joint capsules pain due to excessive pressure and spasming muscles. For others chronic low back pain reduced the quality of their life. Once the appropriate muscle groups were released, the neck and hips regain the supple and fluid movement that had been had lost.

In many cases deep tissue massage therapy and sports massage has been successful in eradicating acute symptoms within just a few office visits. The G.A.L.A. massage therapy techniques can quickly restore ease within the body and get you back out on the field, track or stage. Anyone who is suffering from chronic shoulder, neck or low back tension may want to consider  deep tissue and sports massage therapy approach prior to prescription drugs or resorting to surgery.

There are five steps that must be followed in order to avoid relapse. The first is to remove chronic pain. Unless the chronic spasm is eased in the primary muscle and nerve in treating the affected area, surgical  treatment will not completely rid the body of the pain without some degree of irreversible physical changes occurring, i.e. scar tissue. Remember, neuromuscular therapy is not a replacement for current or scheduled medical care. Consult you physician prior to neuromuscular  treatment especially if you have questions or are on any type of blood-thinning medications or any of the 'beta blocker' category of blood press medications.

Deep tissue and sports massage therapy can help you reduce chronic pain in your neck and low back within as few as three sessions. Understanding the mechanics of how you got in the fixated state your muscles are in is key.

The G.A.L.A. massage therapy techniques can precisely address the factor in the soft tissue causing this very sensitive and painful condition. It can also be determined if an allopathic route is appropriate in your treatment.

Deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy can allow the contacted tissues to relax and access the oxygen rich blood your muscles have been painfully staving for. Soon a stronger neurologic signal to the brain is incrementally restored. The brain re-calibrates motor responses over a few weeks.

Neuromuscular deep tissue massage therapy has proven effective for more than 15,000 clients I have treated over the last 19 years. It's OK to drive your body like a high performance machine that it is, however doesn't such a high-performance machine deserve  to be maintained like on as well? If you've tried other therapies don't you owe it to yourself to explore all your option before making an irreversible surgical decision? G.A.L.A. deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy may yet be the non-drug, non-surgical alternative answer you too are looking for.