Energy Vampires

After being in practice for more than 19 years I’ve built up somewhat of a tolerance to the effects of people who seem to exude negativity. You may have encountered these types of people yourself. Those who so completely identify with their own pathology that they have created an identity around the very problem for which they seek professional
treatment for.

These so-called ‘energy vampires’ will present themselves as earnestly seeking remedy from what ails them. However when given instruction of how to effectively extradite themselves from their predicament, they dig in their heels. This is truly a ‘you can bring a horse water, but you can’t make them drink’ moment.

As a highly trained therapist I have a deep desire to elevate suffering and improve the human condition. This situation used to frustrate me. Now I understand it to be part of the process a few of my clients feel need in order to undergo and reconcile what they really need. In many cases these people have used their identity with their pathology as a way to gain sympathy from others for so long they have little idea as to how else to be around others.

I’ve found that the best policy for these unfortunates is to refer them to a psychiatric course of therapy. Here they may best address their obsessive need to be ‘ill’ in order to feel worthy of receiving the love and attention they desperately seek. Let’s just stick to bodywork.

I feel confident I can make a positive difference for those who actually want to heal and return to the happy, high performance lifestyle they are accustom too. Energy vampires do drain those around them of their vital energy and positive attitude if left to run their course. I simply don’t have that kind of time or energy and neither do most good self-respecting soft tissue therapists.