Gray’s River- How Allopathic and ‘Alternative’ Medicines Work Together Part 3

Although the river we’ve been discussing flows only one direction in time in the physical dimension it may also be traversed in the spiritual or energetic dimension back to it’s source instantaneously. Many of my massage and deep tissue massage clients have reported calming and spiritual healing journeys during their sessions. They have reported revisiting safer and gentler times during their massage sessions.

What I believe may be occurring is that our mortal minds move along linear time like a train on it’s track. To reach point point C, point B must be reached first from point A. However in ‘spirit’ or emotional time all time occurs at once. This is how a piece of music or a fragrance can activate the parietal memory centers of the brain and you are instantly transported to your high school prom, mother’s garden or the loss of a beloved pet. Skilled massage therapists have been know to elicit these type of responses.

Great healing can happen at this level of awareness. There are thousands of cases of spontaneous reemissions of life threatening disease documented from around the globe that defy the currently know medical healthcare model.

Understanding the entire scope of the Gray's River model I believe offers a more comprehensive understanding of the human experience as being of both the physical and the spiritual realms. Understanding the appropriate time to wade into or get out of different parts of such a 'river' may yet prove to healthcare to be a valuable means to offer truly integrated medicine to ease discomfort of the human condition.