High Heels & Aching Backs

A number of the clients that see me for sports massage and deep tissue massage are performance artists. The people, mostly women with very developed musculoskeletal systems usually work under a great deal of stress, tight schedules and usually in high heels on hard floors. These women rely on regular sports massage and deep tissue massage treatments to keep them on top of their game.

The carriage of the pelvis is paramount in the relation of sacroiliac (S.I.) joint function. Wearing high heels changes the geometry of how the body maintains balance while walking. This usually requires the wearer to balance by sticking out their rear and standing more erect than natural. This posture places a sharp curve on the low back’s curvature and stresses the S.I. joint. Sports massage and deep tissue massage assists in stopping the pain now.

This also can result in the quadriceps group as well as the gluteus medius to over develop in an attempt to protect the low back against pinching at the S.I. joint. The result of all this is usually a chronic nagging low back pain/tightness that baffles many highly trained medical doctors even with drug or surgical intervention.

Remember that muscles move bone and not the other way around. The type care that you get receive needs to recognize this rule if you are expecting eventual relief from symptoms and proper biomechanical function. Sports massage and deep tissue massage has helped high performing athletes and it can do the same for you as well.

By removing the chronic spasm from muscular tissue with sports massage or deep tissue massage, chronic back pain can be something you USED to have. By following a plan set forth for you by your deep tissue massage or neuromuscular massage therapist this can be relaxed out. The recipe of keeping quads lengthened and avoid tightness that accompanies hypertrophy (over development) can be addressed by a good sports massage therapist. It will help you avoid the pain in the low back becoming a pain in the butt later.