If It’s Your Health-It Is Your Responsibility Part 1

The common pattern I’ve encountered with many clients is an attitude of chronic abnegation of personal responsibility for one’s own health. The way some people eat, drink and smoke would indicate the blatant disregard for the eventual effects on their own physiology. By choosing to consuming known carcinogenic substances they accept either consciously or unknowingly the subsequent effects of doing so.

Later, after months, years or even decades when pathologic conditions develop
they may visit their doctor expecting him/her to ‘fix’ them. This expectation is not
only unrealistic by the patient, but also places an unfair burden on the medical profession. Although the human body has been compared to a kind of living
machine it rarely can be fixed like a machine using conventional methods. The healing process is based on the quality of the patient’s body at the time that their treatment begins.

The neuromuscular, deep tissue and sports massage models are based on the idea
that the clients follow proper diet and an exercise routine to achieve optimum results. Massage therapy will bring any toxins locked away within muscular tissue
to the surface. If this toxic load is excessive illness can result following treatment.