If It’s Your Health-It Is Your Responsibility Part 2

I believe that medical students do not invest quarter million dollars and 10 to 16 years of their life without being interested in improving the human condition. Modern allopathic medicine has made marvelous break-troughs, but it still cannot save us from poor decisions. Although well educated, medical professionals are still human and are not infallible.

I have treated more than 15,000 clients over the last 19 years in my practice. Many of my clients ask directly or obliquely for me to diagnose or prognosticate their condition when I first treat them. Massage therapist and neuromuscular therapist may not engage in these activities. They begin to look to their healthcare provider as the last word authority in health, accepting their advice with out question. Many never considered that their healthcare provider could be in err with their current course of treatment. I would encourage patients to use their own good sense and ask the questions, examine the answers, and do your their research.

Taking personal responsibility of our own health for what’s on one’s plate or in one’s glass can provide one with better health and a sense of wellbeing but newfound confidence. It is possible for you to reach your health goals. Personally I believe that if one possesses a desire to achieve something one also possesses the means by which to acquire it.