If It’s Your Health-It Is Your Responsibility Part 3

Consider your resources. Do you have a doable exercise program and time in which to do it? Is you diet in order? Perhaps meeting with a nutritional counselor would be appropriate. How is the quality of your sleep? Have you considered the quality and comfort of your shoes, mattress, workstation chair or car seat? Are you maintaining your body with regular deep tissue and sports massage in addition to chiropractic care? Are there things within habitual way of live you could change to realize a higher quality of health and life experience? All of which have a direct bearing on your musculoskeletal along with your other eight bodily systems.

We would do well to embrace a keener sense of self-responsibility, especially in the personal care of their bodies. No man or woman can heal you out-right. What any medical professional does is to facilitate your own body’s miraculous healing abilities. Yes, medical doctors use more powerful tools than soft tissue therapist, but the healing mechanisms at work are the same.

Again, medical professionals are not are magical clerics that can remedy years of neuromuscular neglect with pills and potions. Expecting your doctor to ‘fix you’ after years of poor health habits is unfair for your doctor and to you, as their patient.
How we treat and what we put into our bodies is our own responsibility.

The whole ‘victim, poor-me model’ will consistently fall short of getting us to where we desire to be. We are the one’s who are ultimately accountable if we are to experience a healthy, happy and joyous life.