Older Client Freed of Debilitating Low Back Pain

One client, an older woman with a chronic low back pain condition was adamant that she had done “everything under the sun” to alleviate her condition but not massage. She had issues with her knees but still enjoyed doing a lot of walking. I suggested her low back pain was most likely a symptom of her tight quadriceps muscles resulting in a hyper-anterior tilt of the pelvis. Therapeutic massage could help to really relax her legs. She was particular about the areas she would accept being massaged. She only wanted point therapy massage on the area that was directly hurting in the reign of the low back. Respecting her wishes those areas alone were massaged with only temporary benefits. She insisted on having these areas massaged with point therapy for years.

Then seven years later she consented and allowing me to massage the hot spots in her quadriceps group in both legs. After one session of this deep massage therapy work she reported almost complete cessation of low back pain. What was then hot and painful had calmed way down. Later after a vacation she reported that the relief from the therapeutic massage and point work to her to her legs had eliminated her low back pain. The massage work we had done was still holding and that her knees were functioning better as well. New she only comes in from time to time for massage and point therapy once every couple months and she is eager to get her quadriceps massaged on to keep her low back pain relaxed.