Quadriceps & Back Pain

Another big beneficiary from sports massage and deep tissue massage from lowback pain is a set of muscles on the other side of the body. The quadriceps group located on the front of the upper leg has an influence on the carriage of the pelvis, its’ position relative to the angle of the lower back. Activities such as running, spinning, dancing (jazz and pole), cycling and Pilates can rotate the pelvis in an anterior angle and accelerate the healthy curve in you low back to painful degree.All of these stressors can be successfully treated with regular sports massage and deep tissue massage treatments.

It is possible to notice the relationship of developed quadriceps and the roundness of the gluteus maxims muscles in active people. While it can look attractive there is a good chance that person is often suffering from low back pain when they are not performing. Just about all people with chronic low back pain due to one or more of these sports and benefit from sports massage and deep tissue massage work.

Chronic pain due to this cause usually takes time to show up to the point of affecting the joint structures of the low back adversely. Likewise it will take time even with a skilled therapist to be corrected. Simple rubbing connective tissue or forcing the skeletal structure back into orthographic alignment yield dubious results as to the goal of ridding the body of such pain. It has been my experience over the last 19 years as a therapist that more that 85% of those I’ve treated have realized beneficial results form a regime of sports massage and deep tissue massage on a weekly or as least bi-monthly basis.