Reducing your ‘A-load’

The reduction of your allostatic load can yield a catalogue of benefits. One of the most easiest and cost effective way of doing this is through receiving either deep tissue massage and sports massage therapies. The benefits of deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy include:

• Reduced cortisol and adrenaline levels while lowering oxidative stress

• Improved sleep duration and in turn reduce weight gain by improving leptin
production and reduced ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

• Can improved digestion with a sensation of inner peace as bi-product.

• Affords clearer cognitive processes, reducing ‘brain- fog’.

• Aids in faster healing of damaged tissues as the massage process assists the
nervous system to reach parasympathetic response state more rapidly in which
tissue can be readily repaired.

• Reduced blood pressure by encouraging relaxation of vascular endothelium.

• Improves emotional mood assisting skin and brain to produce calming

• Increases emotional tolerance levels.

• Promotes the calming of cytokine protein production and signaling proteins such
as interferon. This boosts the immune system’s efficacy.

• Assists in reducing ischemia with in tight muscular and connective tissues.
• Increases joint flexibility and reduces thixotropy.

• Reduces edema after surgery.

• Reduces post-surgery internal keloid adhesions of soft tissues.

• Assists in relieving migraine pain.

• Helps athletes prepare for and recover from athletic events by flushing excess lactic and uric acids form the actin and myosin proteins of muscle tissue.

• Reduces lumbago and neck pain.

• Excellent for expectant mothers experiencing mid-back pain from body changes.

• Improves the survival rate of premature infants through the mechanism of
tactile kinesthetic stimulation of the epidermal and mesodermal skin layers.

• Ads in maintaining mental health of the elderly.

• Provides a sense of well being through out the body and positively affects the
mind as well through improved serotonin production within the skin.

With such a long list of measurable benefits is easy to understand how deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy can become a necessity for anyone with and
elevated amount of stress in their lives. Gray’s Anatomy L.A. in Santa Monica offers
the deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy techniques that can assist you
to realize these benefits and improve the quality of your days, months and years.