The Benefits of Massage Therapy

As massage therapy becomes more widespread it is also is being recognized as a viable treatment for a variety or idiopathic maladies. Chronic sore low back, painful arms or wrists, muscle tightness, and headaches are just some of the symptoms that can be mitigated by a skilled massage therapist with proper training.

Additional benefits of massage therapy other than the reduction of neck and low back pain span even into the way a client feels emotionally. Simple touch has been documented to increase serotonin production and boost your immune system. A bi-product of this is massage therapy’s tendency to lessen depression and anxiety.

Neuromuscular massage therapy is also been shown to be effective in the treatment of knee pain, increased range of motion (ROM), as well as reducing muscle cramping and enhancing circulation through out the treated areas. It is also effective in post-surgical application to assist in reducing swelling and adhesive scar tissue from forming.

Regular massage therapy for expectant mothers provides benefits not only for the mother but to her child as well. Years ago a study was conducted with premature infants in hospital’s neonatal care units. Premature children were given short 15 minute massages two to three times as part of their daily care.

On average these children grew 49% larger per day as apposed  to their counterparts who did not receive daily massage therapy! This is astounding. This allowed the hospital stays for these children to be shorter and be sent home to their families much earlier with substantial cost saving for both the parents and the hospital.